Addi Sock Wonder Circular Needles 25cm


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These are genuinely a revelation! Short circulars for socks are one thing (and we stock them here) but by the time that the needle bits are small enough work with a cable that short then we're talking very, very tiny needles. Which some people love and lots of people - yours truly included - do not. So Addi slightly lengthened the whole shebang - 25cm instead of 20cm - and most of that extra length is in right hand needle, the one that you knit on to. It gives you a bit more to grab (and who doesn't like a bit more to grab?) and a little more leverage for speed. If all of this has passed over your head but you love knitting socks or want to give it a try, they are for sure worth a go. 

They can also be used for hats, gloves (not the fingers) and small sleeves. 

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