King Cole

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If you have never touched the Yummy before, then you will not know how comfortable, cosy and secure this baby feels in their little star onesie right now. Obviously you can see how cute it looks, but I just imagine how cocooned they feel. Also a big fan of the star cushion. I really feel like that could be a useful piece done in another yarn if you don't want to use the Yummy. As in, you could have it in your house, even if you're not 2 months old!

This is knitted in King Cole Yummy Chunky. using 5.5mm and 6mm needles. You'll need 3 buttons for the onesie, 4 for the blanket, 2 for the cushion and 2 for the hanging star ornament. Don't forget to pick up ribbon for the hanging star, and toy stuffing for that plus the cushion!