Postcards with Love Crochet Along Blanket

'Postcards with Love' King Cole #CAL - Yarn Packs

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This year King Cole have really blown the boat out of the water with their new Postcards with Love Crochet Along blanket!

This blanket is made up of a bunch of different summery seaside-y motifs - different squares and rectangles, joined together and crocheted around so you've got nice neat borders, with beach huts and postcards and sunshine and multicoloured summery joy. There's nothing better to get you into the spirit of summer, and nothing better than having a memory of summer days and popping postcards through the letter box, sent with love from your favourite destination.

We're doing two yarn packs for this crochet-along, one in Big Value DK and one in Cottonsoft DKWe're also doing some crochet groups, a beginning-the-blanket one and an ending-the-blanket one. They'll be free if you bought the pack from us, but if you're using scraps or your own yarn they'll be £5 per spot.  (IMPORTANT - when you buy either pack, we'll email you asking if you want to be a part of the group. We need a reply to that one please!)

You'll also get a super cute Knit Nottingham tote bag to put all of your yarn in!


Blanket measures 122cm x 122 cm (48in x 48in) using Cottonsoft DK // 132cm x 132cm (52in x 52in) using Big Value DK.

The Big Value DK pack will include Buttercup, Turquoise, Sage, Jade, Cream, Red, French Navy, Pink, and Orange. You'll need a 4.5mm hook.

The Cottonsoft DK pack will include Buttercup, Azure, Sage, Opal, Ecru, Cherry, French Navy, Candy Floss, and Clementine. You'll need a 4.0mm hook.

These will be sent out or ready to collect week commencing 2nd of May.