King Cole

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This is an old pattern, I've seen a variation of it in a Victorian manual so it's probably much older than that! So it's traditional but it's also just gorgeous and sweet isn't it? Good design stays good design through the years. It's also possible that the guardian's of the baby you're knitting this for had their own versions as babies and maybe their guardian's did. I just love knitting for the social history. 

This looks a bit cable-y but it's actually just knits, purls and some basic lace stitches. Lots of sewing up though, so I'd do that as you go - maybe even just sewing into bigger squares to lessen the load. 

We'd recommend using the King Cole Cherish DK yarn for this, and its sister yarns Cherished and Cherish Dash. You'll need 4mm and 3.25mm needles.