King Cole

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There is something really special about how warm and cared for we can feel when snuggling under a hand knitted blanket. It is a great way to give ourselves and others a bit of love - something the world can always use more of. This is a really easy pattern, perfect for charity knits or first-timers wanting something simple to cut their knitting teeth on! 

It is knitted in King Cole Riot Chunky - one of my personal FAVOURITE yarns. It has vibrant colours and a loooooong variegation which creates gorgeous stripes and pools - depending on the pattern. It has 30% wool alongside acrylic and comes as a cost-effective alternative to Noro yarns. If you were looking for something a little less busy, you could try out King Cole Timeless Chunky, which has added softness and snuggle from alpaca fibre.  

Knitted using 7mm needles and 6mm for the cushion covers.