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King Cole

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Aw, this kid looks smart, don't they? I'm loving the subtle cable down the front of these (and they put the cable on the sleeves of the jumper!!!) but this is really just a fantastically basic, easy knit set of patterns for any kiddo in your life! I'm glad they put a v neck option in too, and you can put that v neck on the jumper too if you want to. Super cute, easy to knit - what more do you want?

We're definitely recommending the King Cole Cherish / Cherished / Cherish Dash DK for these patterns, as they're super soft and the Cherish / Cherish Dash come in gorgeous self striping options. The Cherished is solid colours but it's just as gorgeous.

You'll need 3.25mm and 4mm needles along with stitch holders and a cable needle.