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You're getting a great amount of lacy, delicate baby shawls here - four in one, this is your lucky day! We're going to be so impressed if you make these in 3ply and 4ply, because it will take quite a while relative to other weights, but that makes these so beautiful and really special for any little one in your life. I'm especially loving the shawl on the front cover - that lace pattern is really something.

For the 3ply shawls, we recommend King Cole Big Value Baby 3ply, and for 4ply there are some truly beautiful colours in the Big Value Baby 4ply and its sister variants Print and Spot. 

You'll need 3.25mm and 4mm needles for the square shawls. For the circular shawls, you'll need 3.25mm double pointed needles, an 80cm or 100cm 3.25mm circular needle, and a pair of 3.25mm needles for the border (which you can probably just use the circular needles for).