King Cole

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We get asked for doll clothes so much in the shop it's unreal, there is nothing sweeter to share with a little one in your life than a childhood pleasure. There's just something so magical about dolls in hand knitted clothing isn't there? 

King Cole really went all out with the yarn suggestions here - some we don't do, some we do do and some that have now been discontinued. So the yarns that we do that are suggested are King Cole CherishedCherish DK and King Cole Glitz DK. We would suggest the King Cole Bramble DK, the King Cole Truffle DK and the King Cole Beaches DK as great alternative yarns and also definitely you could be using this to use up scraps - don't let them go to waste! 

The suggested needles are 3.25mm and 4mm straights and a 3.5mm crochet hooks.