5032 (discontinued)

King Cole

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I have got a real soft spot for lace patterns that are made to look like cables. The Yarndale uniform had a motif like this one year (that's where loads of us from the shop get together and make the same thing in loads of different colours, sizes, eases etc). I do think that this takes your lace in a slightly different direction. A lot of lace patterns are either all over or small motifs, and this one smack bang in the middle requires some understanding of where the holes are going to go. It's very annoying to me that there is a mistake on the pink jumper and I want to promise you that this isn't in the pattern, it was just on the sample. I do think it's a good example of how a tiny little mistake can affect a pattern like this!

This pattern was written for a discontinued yarn but you could swap it out with King Cole Chunky Tweed very easily and you'll need 6mm and 5mm needles along with a stitch holder.