King Cole

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This stunning yet versatile men's jumper has unique sleeves, crossing between the comfort of a raglan sleeve and the elegant angles of the set-in sleeves. Basically, this is the real deal of a wardrobe staple, which is simple but every element is quality.

Speaking of opulent chic, this jumper is made out of the gorgeous King Cole Luxury Merino DK, a wonderfully soft wool that even wool-haters can snuggle-up in. If wool isn't for you however, we think this would be wonderful in the King Cole Cherish DK, a baby yarn with a similarly soft texture and a few adult-friendly colours*.Â

Knitted on 3.75mm and 4mm straight needles.

*like, stereotypically. You're an adult, you can wear what you want and we love and support you for it. That's the best bit, after booze and knitting.Â