King Cole

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Lace in the Drifter! Lace in the Drifter! It goes so well with the self striping yarn that it's as if they were made to be together. If you don't like doing lace you could probably take it out and just knit this plain, but take the leap and try it - you'll love it! That raglan sleeve... We love a raglan in this shop, and for good reason!

This pattern has been knitted in King Cole Drifter DK, a wonderful self striping cotton/wool/acrylic blend yarn. You'll need 4mm and 3.25mm needles, a 3.25mm circular needle for the cardigan**, stitch holders for the jumper, and seven  buttons for the cardigan.

**We've linked you to the basic circular needles, but check out our Addi and Clover collections here too!