King Cole

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So this stitch pattern is one of those that you'll remember and do again and again, plugging it into stocking stitch bits here and there because it's simple, effective and just a little less boring. The patterns themselves are sweet too. In the shop a lot of people have found the multi-colouredness a bit much (although I like it!) so if that applies to you then just do it in one colour - what are we knitting for if not to make exactly what pleases us?

The pattern is written for the Cottonsoft Candy which is interchangeable with the Cottonsoft DK and and the Cottonsoft Crush and Baby Crush but I'm also going to recommend the Drifter Subtle DK which is still a bit cottony but also warmer because of the wool and acrylic content (especially note that stunning Mustard colourway!). 

You will need 3.75mm and 4mm needles.