King Cole

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Casper loves this pattern and so Casper's going to have to learn to do cables, because they're so glorious. The hood is a thing of beauty. Just imagine how woodsy, folklorey and witchy you're going to look wearing this in a forest. Please only make this in colours that a wise woman would wear. (Casper disagrees. Casper wants rainbow cables.) Don't underestimate the cute little mitts on the back! I want to say, that poncho is what a poncho is, but if you didn't sew it together and you just knitted it a bit longer, it would make the most gorgeous scarfy shawly thing, which I'm here for.

This was originally knitted in Fashion Aran but we would 100% recommend using Forest Aran, a wonderful yarn that's 100% recycled. You could also use Hayfield Aran Bonus / Bonus Tweed

You're going to need 4.5 mm and 5 mm needles, a 4.5 mm circular needle, a cable needle, and a button for the sweater.