King Cole

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BRAMBLE! BRAMBLE ALERT! Gosh I love this yarn. (Casper speaking. It's the best). These patterns are a DREAM in this gorgeous nubbly ball of yarn-joy, and they're easy to knit so you won't get frustrated. Personally, I'd make the vest in one of the rainbow shades of Bramble, because the nice basic construction means it will go with anything no matter what crazy colours you've got on it.

This pattern has been knitted in King Cole's Bramble DK. It will work with most King Cole DK yarns, though, and I think it'd look great in the Drifter DK...

You'll need 3.25mm and 4mm straight needles, a pair of 3.25mm circular needles if you're making the waistcoat**, stitch holders for the round neck cardigan and buttons for both (seven for the cardigan, six for the waistcoat).

** We've linked you to the basic circulars but we would highly recommend looking at our Addi and Clover circular collections too!