King Cole

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Going to sleep on Christmas eve can be so hard, especially when you get to the 'worrying-Santa-won't-come-unless-I-sleep-and-now-i'm-worrying-to-much-to-sleep' stage. This is the perfect thing to knit as Sleepy Santa will put you in the sleepy mood*, and also knitting all the little parts and then sewing them together will make your eyes need a rest, even if the rest of you doesn't.

Originally knitted in the King Cole Tinsel Chunky and the King Cole Glitz DK which will make this piece really stand out with the shine value alone. It could be done in different colours of King Cole Pricewise DK and King Cole Big Value Chunky for a non-shiny version.

Knitted on 3.25mm, 4mm, and 6mm straight needles, and 3.25mm double-pointed needles. You will also need stitch holders, safety eyes and toy stuffing to finish.  

*This is NOT a euphemism