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Clover do a huge amount of stitch markers - we sell most of them!!! They've all got a different purpose but I've ordered them here based on how well they sell in the shop. 

The locking markers (particularly the quick locking which you're supposed to be able to do with one hand...) work for knitting and crochet and as both stitch/repeat markers and row markers. You can take them in and out of your work as needed. 

The ring markers - hard and soft - are for knitting only really, and to mark stitches rather than rows. If you make a mistake and knit them in then you'll either have to cut them out, rip the knitting back or live with pretty knitting jewellery. People tend to buy them if they don't trust the locking ones not to come undone. 

The split ring markers work in a similar way to the locking - so knit, crochet, stitch, repeat and row markings - but they don't lock so they're more likely to fall out. People tend to buy those if they're what they started with but if I can persuade them to try another type then they're generally hooked. 

As always, we want to stock the range so that you get exactly what you need out of what we sell. Enjoy! :)