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Google tells me paillettes means "a piece of glittering material used to decorate clothing; a spangle". I suspect they mean... a sequin but I kind of like a spangle. This is the most gorgeous delicate yarn which would work as an addition to a plainer yarn but I'm sort of hoping that somebody uses it on its own - either worked tightly to make a solid fabric or on say a 4mm needle or hook which would make the most beautiful, light, swoosh, ethereal scarf/shawl/dress in the world - or actually, out of this world!

The colour is a rich, deep, conker brown dotted with delicate bronze sequins. It's really quite something and my photography does not do it justice!! 

I've split the yarn into two job lots, based on their dye lots which are quite different. So each lot has six 25g balls and each ball has 165 yards. It works out at £2.00 a ball which is a bargain as it was £5.00 when it was on sale!! It's handwash only I think on account of how delicate it is. If you want to split the job lots do get in contact.