Mulberry Soft DK Book Two

King Cole

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About six months later we've realised we never put this book on the website. I reckon it's because we realised that this woman's beauty was going to blow everyone away and you'd all faint or something. We love her. Anyway. Mulberry Soft DK is a really gorgeous yarn, made of mulberry silk and alpaca wool, and it's just so, so soft. This pattern book is part of the fancy King Cole Collection series, with six garments and two accessory patterns, with a timeless feel yet interesting shapes (those sleeves on that cream jumper, the way they billow... amazing). These are absolute classics and will become statement pieces in your wardrobe for sure.

From sizes 28inch to 62inch (XS to 5X).

You'll need a range of straight needles between 3mm and 4mm, and 60cm circular needles in a 3.25mm and a 3.5mm. You could knit these in another yarn like the King Cole Subtle Drifter DK; feel free to have a play around with your favourites as long as you meet gauge!