Rosarios4 Be Cool 4ply


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We have no way of knowing who you are or your life experiences, but nevertheless, we can promise you this is the softest yarn you've ever touched. One time, Katie showed this yarn to a customer and when she touched it, she screamed. It's that soft. The microfibre makes it both silky and with a high pile, but it also works wonderfully with lacework and cables with beautiful stitch definition. If you've ever wanted to knit shampoo, that's the kind of texture this miracle yarn somehow is. 

This is a 4-ply perfect for all baby clothes, especially premature babies and for babies with sensitive skin. It also makes wonderfully soft garments for adults who also deserve soft treats.

Rosarios4 love their weird in-between sizes, and this thick 4-ply/thin DK is no exception. We sell it as a 4-ply as it works beautifully for 4-ply baby patterns, as the silkiness means that it doesn't suffer the stiffness that could come from knitting it on smaller needles.