The Mystical Lanterns Crochet Blanket by Janie Crow


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The Mystical Lanterns pattern is one of the most recognisable crochet patterns in recent years, I think. We've seen it everywhere, and for good reason - it's bloomin beautiful. This pattern contains instructions to make the motif, which is based off of a granny hexagon, and the instructions for joining it into a blanket. It's a simple motif to make! There are instructions for half-motifs so you can square off the top and bottom edges but Janie published an article with instructions to make a quarter-motif, along with an article on how to make the other kind of half motif. This will allow you to square off all of the edges, and if you want, that means you could make a gorgeous lantern-patterned jumper.

If you'd like a huge range of hard-wearing shades, use the King Cole Pricewise DK for this. If you want something a little fancier, this would be wonderful in the King Cole Luxury Merino DK, or you could use the King Cole Cottonsoft DK for a summer blanket. You'll need a 4mm or 4.5mm hook depending on your tension.