Thank you for supporting Knit Nottingham!

The lovely shop on Trinity Walk Vote for Knit Nottingham in the British Knitting and Crochet Awards Some of our wonderful customers Sampling some of the new ranges Eleanor, the dedicated owner

Knit Nottingham spent five years on Mansfield Road. In 2016 we decided it was time to move to a bigger shop and we found the perfect place on Trinity Walk, right in the heart of Nottingham. Of course, moving into a new shop was never going to be cheap, so we set up a Crowdfunder page to help us pay for the move.

We wanted £2000. But our lovely customers didn't stop there - in total they gave us an amazing £4260! We've included this page to thank all the people who helped make the move possible. Some of our supporters wanted to show their support for other independent businesses, so we've included details of those as well.

Andy Price supports:
Fondant Fabrics
Kira Simpson supports:
Loopy Wool

Claire E Horton
Kay Crone
Grete Evans
Bethan Davies
Elizabeth Townsend
Claire Biggs
Emma Proudlove
Tanith Millet
Dolli Knitrix
Helen Tesla
Anne Marie Jordan
Ruth Fletcher
Laura-Jo Webster
Frances Jarvie
Sarah Feirn
Zoe Halstead

Christine McCarthy supports:
Burrow and Soar
Juliet Wakefield supports:
Rusty Ferret

Annette Roe
Rebecka Höjeberg
Jenny Shambo
Brionie Powell
Andy Price
Emily Loola Moore
Chloe Thurlow
Jane Anders
Christine McCarthy
Sandra Engett
Harriet Blackman
Jess Bennet
Jacqueline Hannaford
Philip Wilkinson-Blake
Stephanie Godderidge
Deborah Cherry
Samantha Scales
Sarah Brown
Hilary Clarke
Sarah Woodhouse

Raye from Abigail's Attic supports:
Abigail's Attic
Stephanie Slack supports:
Gill Page's bags

Barbara Birch
Amelia Thorpe
Katherine Fowkes
Fiona Smith
Kira Simpson
Juliet Wakefield
Allison Rigby
Helen Walters
Kathy Dale
Laura Houghton
Tania Allison
Stephanie Slack
Hilary Kendall
Kris Wells
Davina Malcolm
Amy Singer
Verity Harris