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COVID STUFF! 24/07/2021


Well, the inevitable happened, both me and Katie were pinged and so the shop is closed until Wednesday the 28th. We think it must have been somebody who came into the shop though they don't tell you so it is what it is. This is difficult for the shop, we're not desperate but things are tight after a year closed and all the various states of lockdown and u-turns etc. Please wear your masks, do your hands, keep your space, get your vaccines and don't forget to shop with independent shops. Even if you can only do it online and they're not your local shops, seriously, we need it, Amazon don't and we'll repay what you put in a thousand times over in our local areas.


We're not changing our rules for the new opening. Two of our staff are not fully vaccinated, a lot of our customers are vulnerable and honestly, we just don't trust this situation. We're really grateful that you've respected our rules thus far and we know you'll do the same here. Once there's a clearer picture of how this reopening is going with respect to new variants and the effects of vaccines then we'll reassess.


Covid Opening Hours:

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