• A shot taken from directly above our main table. On the table are piles of linen skeins and behind them big spools of macrame cotton in rough rainbow order. Behind that is just general shop detritus like coffee, pens, cellotape and recycled plastic bags.
  • A selfie of three people. Eleanor at the front, she has short purple hair and glasses. Casper, behind, is wearing a green t shirt, he's making a peace sign. Katie on the left is dressed in all black. They’re all wearing masks.
  • Eleanor and customers of Knit Nottingham take a socially distanced, timer selfie in the Aboretum. There are lots of people, mainly women, some crouching, some standing, some sitting all facing the camera. There’s lots of green trees and grass.
  • A pile of Zen Aran which is the most beautifully coloured yarn in the world. There is the most autumnal reddy, rust at the bottom, a bright fireworky, pinky, purple, cobalt above it and right at the top a gorgeous, deep sea, bluey greeny delight.
  • A hand knitted cardigan hangs infront of full shelves of yarn. They’re circular tubes set out kind of like honeycombs. The cardigan is green, has long sleeves and a simple texture and lace pattern.

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