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The lovely shop on Trinity Walk Part of our wide range of yarns Some of our wonderful customers Eleanor with Nikki and Cassie from the BBC's Interior Design Masters Proud results of a Learn to Knit class

We're really excited to be reopening on the 16th of June!

That's subject to the unravelling situation of course and we'll be carrying on doing web and phone orders as we have been throughout the pandemic so please don't feel you need to come in, just give us a call and leave a message, we'll get you sorted.


Safety Measures:


In related news, Eleanor is taking a week off between the 9th and 15th of June - phone calls and emails won't be answered (feel free to leave messages and they will be responded to when I'm back), the webshop will be down. These last few months have been exhausting, her house looks more like a stock room for the shop than a home and it's time to just take a breather before normality (or something resembling it) returns. We're so grateful for all of the support that you've shown us over the pandemic, it honestly means the world - and we're proud of the support we were able to give you too. We're not out of the woods yet so I'm just resting ready for the next few months.


I can't work out if we're going to be super busy or dead for the time being - I guess nobody knows - so it's possible that I may be overrun and not answering the phone (we always respond to messages) or the queue may be very long or any number of other circumstances. Let's all just try to be the best that we can be and we'll all get the yarn we need and deserve!


We can't wait to see you (or hear from you as the case may be!). Stay safe.


Eleanor, Emma and Katie. Xxx

Knit Nottingham is an award winning, independent yarn shop in the heart of Nottingham and we sell reasonably priced, excellent quality yarn for crochet and knitting. We also stock needles, notions, patterns and high quality, locally hand made items for the discerning crafter. The shop is staffed by expert knitters and crocheters (unless Dr Chris is covering in which case you’ll get a friendly hello and a mostly confused look, but I promise he’s not in very often). We also teach lessons - in knitting, crochet, dyeing and various other woolly things - both in house and with some fabulous teachers from far and wide. We do the occasional coach trip and a weekly vlog. And every now and again we put on excellent parties.

We opened in 2010 in a tiny and rickety shop on Mansfield Road. but we put our heart and soul into it, made a lot of good friends and loyal customers, won some awards and were eventually able to move to our lovely, and much bigger, new home on Trinity Walk in 2016. We ended up partially crowdfunding that move because people were so excited and wanted to be part of it and we’ll forever be grateful for how our community stepped up at that moment.

We're committed to making our shop a welcoming and accessible place for people who are disabled, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and everybody else. We do have a ramp that we're not afraid to use and island in the middle of the shop moves about for ease of access. If you want to discuss anything further please do give us an email or a ring and we'll happily work around you. We consider our space unapologetically political, body positive and feminist and we don't shy away from the big conversations that crafting is a part of; it's not always heavy but it's not just sticks and string either (although if you're wondering whether you're able to do a difficult pattern, then it is just sticks and string...).

In 2018 we were contacted to be part of a new BBC programme, Interior Design Masters. Our designers, Nikki and Cassie (who went on to win the whole show!), gutted the shop and completely re-imagined how a modern yarn shop should present itself. We’re still messy, a little disorganised and bursting with wool but now, when we put our best foot forward, we look a bit hipster too. Mary Portas, who was the judge for our week, bloody loved it!

I think that’s all. I’m Eleanor and I own the shop, I’m here most days - sometimes a little frazzled but always grateful to be surrounded by woolly mess. You might also meet the lovely Emma, who’s a whole lot less frazzled than me and always visibly thrilled to be being paid to play with yarn. There’s also a host of regular customers who often know more about what we’re up to than I do but please don’t be offended if they can’t help you, they look comfortable but they’re not being paid! And if you come in often enough you too could become one of those knowledgeable regulars.

If you want to invite us to work with you for an event or party then do give us an email - this is very exciting to us!

We hope to see you soon! :)

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