A Quick & Dirty Guide to Summer Yarns

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Well, it's a pretty overcast day today, but the last few days have been proper scorchers and it's got everyone itching to put down their wool and pick up their cotton instead! SUMMER'S COMING! Seasonal depression, begone.

We've had a bit of a restock and reshuffle so all of our summery DK yarns are in the same place. We've done full blog posts on most of them before, but sometimes you just want a quick and dirty explanation of all of them, right?

So, I'm going to list all of our summer yarns with a couple of key-word sentences after, and that way you can click into the ones you think you might like!

Here we go...

Bamboo Cotton DK - Bamboo/cotton blend, super silky, shiny, incredible stitch definition. Good range of shades, some neutral, some vibrant, all lush.

Cottonsoft DK - 100% cotton, matte, soft. Great range of solid shades and some self stripers/speckles in its sister yarns, Cottonsoft Baby Crush DK and Cottonsoft Crush DK.

Cottonsmooth DK - 100% mercerised cotton. Smooth and very shiny. Less shades than the Cottonsoft DK but they're corkers if you ask me. Love the vibrant yellow.

A disembodied white hand holds a blue ball of yarn against a crocheted mandala in vibrant colours. The ball band on the yarn says Cottontop DK

Cotton Top DK - Acrylic/cotton blend. Hardwearing and still light enough for summer wear. Soft shades from darker to lighter and all with a white thread plied with the colourful ones.

Linendale DK - The newest addition to our summer range. A linen/cotton blend. Nubbly in texture, very unique, some vibrant shades and some neutral shades. Really, really lovely stuff and great patterns to go with it. We're obsessed!

Finesse DK - A cotton/silk blend, very nubbly texture, pastels and softer dark neutrals. Stunning stuff.

Vogue DK - 100% cotton, dyed in a kind of painted way so it almost looks hand-dyed. Both deep and pastel shades, the "Pale Denim" shade is absolutely amazing.

Now for the 4ply...

Giza Cotton 4ply - 100% mercerized cotton. Amazing range of shades with so much depth to the colour. My favourite summer yarn and so hard-wearing. 10/10.

Summer 4ply - Cotton and bamboo, very nubbly, each shade has a bunch of different colours in it. Self stripey and hard-wearing enough for socks as well as other stuff.

Cotton Socks 4ply - A cotton sock yarn with some polyamide and PBT for durability. I'm making a top out of this right now and it's bloomin gorgeous.

Honourable mention to the Drifter collection (Subtle Drifter in DK and Chunky, normal Drifter in 4ply, DK and Chunky) for being perfect for cool summer nights.

And that's it so far! Obviously a lot of our other yarns would be fine in the summer but these are the ones that just work exceptionally well. We're loving seeing everyone's gorgeous summer projects - what are you making? What do you want to make? Inspire us.

As always, if you need any help or advice on choosing yarn, pop in or message us or give us a ring.

Love Casper <3

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