A Shop Full of 'Little Treasures'

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Are you up for a treasure hunt? Step right up... to the first shelf in our shop. A new baby yarn from King Cole has dropped, and boy oh boy do we love it. We're really excited to introduce King Cole's Little Treasures DK to you!

Our shop has always been full of little treasures, but we literally have a yarn that describes that now. Exciting, right? This baby yarn is, of course, super duper soft. It's 60% anti-pilling acrylic and 40% polyamide, making it both suitable for baby's sensitive skin and really resistant to any accidents baby might have! With a brilliant yardage of 349 yards per 100g ball, you're not going to run out anytime soon. It also means that most of the baby projects will take one or two balls. 

There's eight colourways, all colourfully flecked and subtly stripy (though not so much as say, the Cherish, for instance). My personal favourite is Jasper with its blues and yellows, but the Pearl is a lovely journey through softly different shades of pink.

As always, King Cole have churned out some great patterns for this yarn, too. They're all baby patterns, but I would like to remind you all that baby yarn does not mean baby-only. If you want to treat yourself to bright colours and beautifully comforting yarn, absolutely go for it! We've got a lot of DK patterns that would look great in it.

So, first I'm loving the hat here on 5851. It's a great mix of modern and vintage style, maybe the 20s? But, with this pattern you get three cardigans along with that cap, utilising that lace pattern really effectively. 

I'm also really into 5857. The baby looks a little bit shocked but I just really like the bobbly pattern on the bottom and on the yoke. Super cute!

There's quite a few baby patterns to flick through, so here's the collection we've made so you can see them all easily! 

Have a great day everyone!

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