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You've probably noticed in the blogs we've been writing lately that we make sure to tell you about the collections we make. It's probably a good idea that we explain these a bit more, actually, so if you're not sure what we mean by them or you're not sure how to make the most out of them, this is the blog post for you. 

Our collections are basically a way to filter down things even more so than just the search bar. When you first head into our homepage, along the navigation bar is a link entitled 'Shop Here' (marked with bright green below). That takes you to our collections.

The first thing you're greeted with is a multitude of squares titled things like 'Yarns', 'Patterns', 'Buttons' etc. These are probably the most basic and clicked on collections, and through this you can kind of see that collections are also like categories, right? 

We don't just use collections for basic categories like that, though. If you scroll down further you'll come across collections for individual yarns, a collection for workshops, a collection about sock making etc. These are the collections that we write about in our blogs - specific collections that make navigating the website easier for you.

For instance, here's the Sock Making collection. In this we've put all of our sock yarns, needles suitable for sock making and all of our sock patterns. If you're, for instance, looking for sock making things on our website, then it's going to be far easier for you to find things in this collection than searching through the depths of our website.

Plus, you can filter these collections down even MORE by utilising the tags sidebar on the left-hand side. If you're only looking for striped sock yarn, you can tick the 'self striping' option at the side and boom, Bob's your uncle, you've got the self striping sock yarn right there for you. 

When we make collections for specific yarns, we include both the yarn and all of the patterns written for that yarn so it's easier for you to find the right project for you. Try clicking into the Cottonsmooth DK collection and you'll see what I mean! 

We don't have collections for absolutely everything at the time of writing this, but we're most certainly working our way through our stock and making as many collections as possible. They make it so easy to navigate our website, not only to shop but to find out what workshops we've got on at the moment, and what exciting new things we've got in stock. I really hope you find them easy to utilise!

Have a luuuuurvley day, everyone.

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