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I'm running out of titles... But anyway.

We got a new baby yarn in a couple of months ago, the King Cole Baby Pure DK, and we've been loving it ever since! 

This yarn is geared more towards babies but don't let the name fool you, you should absolutely treat yourself to something made in this devilishly soft yarn. 

It's 70% premium acrylic and a whopping 30% polyamide, which makes this yarn so soft it's like you're knitting with a kitten. There's 235m in each 100g ball, and every single centimetre you knit with this is going to be filled with joy and peace. It's that soft, seriously. 

I love the shades that they've released. They're mainly quite pastel-y but they've thrown a bit of a curveball in there with the grey shade, which I love. Knitted up, the colour changes are so subtle - no harsh edges here. 

King Cole have released a good list of new patterns for this yarn, and they're all for babies (of course) but don't let that stop you from using them for adult patterns too!

I think my favourite new pattern for this yarn is 5775. I love how the cable kind of just melts into those colour changes, but not in a way that makes them disappear. The elements complement each other so beautifully and with a cardigan and jumper option here, you've got enough to keep you going. 

There's a wealth of applications for this yarn, of course, but if you're looking for something to make the most of that softness of course a blanket is going to be right up your alley. 5776 has FOUR blankets for you to play around with. Of course you can follow the pattern exactly, but who's stopping you from making the blankets bigger or playing about with some borders? Not us, we're encouraging it!


An honourable mention goes to 5772, purely because of how shocked this baby looks to be clothed in such a beautiful petal-esque stitch across all parts of their outfit. 

However, for kids, there's this gorgeous unicorn jumper/cardi pattern here, 5036, which I KNOW would look even more magical with subtle self striping goodness. Try it!

Here's the collection of all things Baby and Pure and Baby Pure DK.

I never know how to end these blogs so here you go - good yarn! Get yarn! Vibe.

Have a great day friends!

- Casper

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