Bamboo Cotton DK - Cotton and Bamboo, I Love You

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Hiya! Casper here. 

It's no secret that we absolutely adore the Bamboo Cotton DK here in the shop. It's gorgeous; low pile, silky smooth and a luscious blend of 50% Bamboo Viscose and 50% Cotton. It's probably one of the softest yarns in the shop. 

A light blue ball of Bamboo Cotton DK

The fibres lend themselves really well to summer makes, of course, with their heavenly drape and lightweight feel. You won't be boiled alive in anything you make with this yarn!

However, it's not just adult summery things you can make with this. It's a durable and strong yet soft yarn, with some truly vibrant shades, making it perfect for baby and childrens' projects too. My favourite combination of colours is the Sea Breeze and Jaffa - gives me goldfish-in-a-bowl vibes.

Eleanor has done a really great vlog on the history and benefits of cotton yarn, which you can find here.

As a big fan of this yarn I am also a big fan of quite a few patterns to go with it.

This pattern is probably my favourite - though it's written for a different yarn, we have a sample of the tank top knitted up in Bamboo Cotton here in the shop and I have been envious of every mannequin that has worn it.

Ignoring the colour choices of whoever designed this, the texture on this cardigan/top combo pattern is legitimately gorgeous and perfect for springtime.

However, again, it's not just for adult makes! Look at this fabulous coat set for kids. Gawjuss.

You can't really go wrong with Bamboo Cotton, so for a full browse of what we've got on offer, check out the Bamboo Cotton Collection!

Have a great day, everyone.

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