Bless Your Cotton Socks 4ply!

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If you haven't seen already, King Cole have brought out a gorgeous new cotton blend yarn that we are so excited to be stocking! This is the first plain-coloured cotton sock yarn we've got in the shop, but it's not just suitable for socks...
So, this is the King Cole Cotton Socks 4ply, brand new for spring/summer 2022. 100g of soft and silky smooth yarn made of 58% Cotton, 38% Polyamide and 4% PBT for that elastic-y stretch you need in socks. It comes in ten bright shades in every colour (my favourite is the Azure, such a gorgeous bright blue), which are going to stripe together beautifully. 
Speaking of stripes, of course King Cole have released some gorgeous patterns for this yarn. Above you can see one of the sock patterns, 5882, which comes with four different in-the-round construction socks, and THREE of them are stripy. Gorgeous. There's also a kids sock pattern, 5881, which has stripes and solid colours and a little bit of colourwork. They're super nice. 
Cotton socks are great for spring and summer, because they won't keep your feet in a shoe-shaped sauna. They're hard wearing and let your feet breathe. I'd still wear cotton socks in the winter though, because they do keep your feet warm when you need them to. It's very much a best-of-both-worlds scenario.
It's not just socks you can make with this yarn though. It's so versatile! I'm really excited to show you 5897, a gorgeous collection of four adult sleeveless tops. We're all massive fans of the one in the top right. These are almost vintage-looking in a way and I think the possibilities are endless with the amount of bright colours you can choose from here.
There's also a super cute baby outfit pattern here that makes me wish I had the patience to knit myself a whole outfit, trousers and all, in an adult size. They just look so cosy! For kids, there's this wonderful stabby-stripey-funky kids cardigan that's going to be absolutely perfect for the summer. The stitch pattern you're taught there is quite unique, and you could easily transfer it to other things you'd like to make.
I've made a collection of everything to do with this yarn, which you can reach here. We're honestly really excited to have this yarn and these patterns in the shop. We've even made it the first yarn you see as you walk in! Hopefully some Cotton Socks 4ply will be landing in your baskets soon, because it's already landed in mine!
Have a great day, everyone!

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