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Cherish the thought,

Of always having  ̶y̶o̶u̶  yarn here by my side...

Madonna, don't sue me! (Here's what I'm referencing...)

Anyway, now I've got that out of my system, I would very much like to talk to you about our most popular baby yarn, the Cherish/Cherished/Cherish Dash DK range. 

Look at that! So, this yarn is 100% low pill acrylic. It's so soft I can't actually put it into words, it's one of those that you have to feel in order to truly appreciate. Cherish is the self striping, self patterning one you see on the left in the photo above. The middle one is Cherished, the solid colour version, and Cherish Dash is the flecky dashed one to the right. Three yarns, 240m per 100g ball, all with the same base, same gorgeous softness, versatility, vibrancy... and three different options of patterning to choose from. 

Can you see why it's so popular here?! 

Most of the patterns are written for kids and babies, but honestly I have been eyeing up several shades of this yarn for myself and I am a grown man. I don't see why you shouldn't treat yourself to silky goodness especially when you have so much choice! We have a lot of samples in the shop of this yarn if you'd like to see it knitted or crocheted up in person, because I guarantee at least one shade of any of these yarns is going to be right for your project. 

So, moving onto patterns! First up, 5416 is a gorgeous set of unisex baby jumpers written in both Cherish and Cherished. I love the front cover pattern even if the baby reminds me of that John Travolta meme from a few years back.

Mix and match any of the Cherish line of yarns here to make them truly yours! 4896 is a really cute baby pattern too, and shows that patterned yarn can work with lace without it getting lost in all those colours! 

I'm determined not to leave crochet out of this yarn showcase, so I'm very happy to be showing you this adorable bear/bunny blanket, 5503, made with Cherish and Cherish Dash DK. There's also an added little lovey toy to go with, which any baby is going to adore. 

Now, some patterns that I think would look great in this yarn but aren't written for it are firstly 5698, a cute waistcoat/cardigan pattern written for the faux-isle Fjord DK. With the Cherish's self patterning nature this would look absolutely stunning in so many colourways, don't you think? There's also 5248, a men's jumper set with set in sleeves. A lot of the neutral Cherished colours would look great here, but I'm honestly imagining the striped version with two separate shades of Cherish to get a crazy striping look you'd be hard pressed to find imitated anywhere else. 

Anyway. Gorgeous patterns, gorgeous yarn, totally irresistible. We've made a collection of everything to do with Cherish/Cherished/Cherish Dash DK, so check it out here!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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