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Very professional and normal blog post title of you there, Casper. Oh, thank you very much, I know. But, honestly, how can you not be excited when the most popular baby yarn now has a 4ply variant?!

The Cherish / Cherished / Cherish Dash DK range of yarns have been popular amongst knitters and crocheters for years, and I don't think it's ever been knocked out of the top three best selling yarns in our shop. It's smooth, it's silky, it's anti-pilling, and all of the patterns written for it are just gorgeous.


100% anti-pill acrylic, 410m/448yds per 100g ball, and it's MACHINE WASHABLE because babies are often a bit Gross with a capital Gross. We've got six pastel shades of pure softness. And of course they've written some gorgeous patterns for it too...

Personally 5985 is my favourite, just because of the triangle texture. We get triangle lace a lot but I just love this texture so much and you don't see it that much! Plus those little shorts... so cute!

But then there's also 5982, which is just absolutely covered in picot lace. It's self explanatory really but you get the lovely bobble of a picot stitch combined with a lace that gives these little garments texture as well as a delicate feel. I personally love how it looks on the booties especially.

So we've had lace and we've had texture, how about some cable? 5983 is a gorgeous combination of classic twisty cables, stocking stitch, and a broken rib. I honestly cannot cope. The onesie is just SO CUTE. King Cole, please can you make some of these patterns in adult sizes? I am too lazy to convert. Thank you. :)

Anyway, of course I've made a collection with the new patterns and the yarn, and any forthcoming patterns will be put in there too. 

Hope you're as excited as we are, and if not... you will be, give it time.

(Also, told you I'd write another blog post soon! #SmartBusinessBabez)

Love Casper xxx

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