Cotton Top (of the Pile) DK

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It's no secret that we adore cotton yarn in this shop. Whether it's 100% cotton or a cotton blend there is always something that gives it just that heavenly drape and super-soft feel. It's so good for summer, but I wear it in the winter too just because I can't resist it. Here's King Cole Cotton Top DK, a brilliant acrylic blend that has a place on our shelves for the foreseeable future (and we can see pretty far... wooOoooo...)

I mean, it's gorgeous! How could you resist? Here's the lowdown.

King Cole Cotton Top is an acrylic/cotton blend, of 78% premium acrylic and 22% cotton in twelve shades, ranging from a subtle white to a vibrant purple. My favourite shade is the one in the featured image, the Teal - it just reminds me of the sea. With 260 metres per 100g ball it's got a pretty good length to it, but it's the feel that makes it so gorgeous. I'm not sure how to describe it. It's soft, but it's sturdy. It's got substance but it's light. It's springy but you know it won't unravel on you. It's a little ball of contradictions and it all works so well. I love that thread of white travelling through to give it some extra dimension, too.

But, what you really want to know about is the things you can do with this yarn and oh boy am I here to flog this to you. Listen well, my friends. 

First up we've got this gorgeous pattern, a jacket and cardigan set for babies with lace AND cables. The nature of the yarn is going to suit little babies perfectly as you're going to be able to wash it, and it's going to withstand even the worst of what babies can do, but you're not sacrificing the soft touch.

Moving up an age bracket I do enjoy when you just get a simple, no nonsense easy knit jumper pattern brought out. It's great to test the waters, whether with a yarn you haven't used before or even if you've not really done much garment knitting. Plus, with it being kids size, it won't take you an age! This one makes me think of Neapolitan ice cream, and it's even got a hood!

It's not just the youths that get all of the fun, though. Look at this super cute jumper set, pattern 5176, oh my GOSH it is so modern and cute and so breezy! It's basically perfect for the crazy-hot, almost painful week we suddenly get in the summer, right before the months of rain. You won't melt your skin off in this, that's for sure.

Finally I want to show you 5370, which is the first pattern that appears in one of our Women's Summer DK folders. I love seeing this one because I just think the back is really interesting, and I don't see construction like this very often. I do love it even if I'd probably be shivering a bit wearing it!

So, that's the Cotton Top DK. We love it, and there's really nothing that could put you off of this one. I highly recommend picking some up this spring to prepare you for summer! Here's the collection of everything to do with this super duper yarn!

Have an easy-breezy day, friends.

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