Cottonsmooth Like Butter (and there's a shade like butter, too!)

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A little while ago a new yarn graced our shelves, the King Cole Cottonsmooth DK, and we literally haven't shut up about it since. As we speak Eleanor is talking about it to a customer, if that shows you how popular it is. 

It's 100% mercerised cotton, making it ridiculously silky and absolutely gorgeous to work with. Eleanor knitted a shop sample, a tank top (pictured) and every now and then I just go to stroke it because... smooth. So smooth. It's got a pretty standard yardage, 218yds per 100g, so a good few balls will make your garment and you won't need to worry about running out. 

(Eleanor's just sold some of the Cottonsmooth she was talking about, so again... it's a great yarn, and everyone agrees.) 

There's ten shades of this yarn, and it's honestly such a great range. Eleanor's just sold some of the Aqua, but my favourite is the Lilac, as it's a darker lilac than most people would think and it's what the shop sample is knitted up in. There's two shades, Ecru and Sun, which remind me of proper butter in a proper little butter dish, hence the title of this blog.

As you probably know by now, this is the point where I start to wax lyrical about the patterns, and this really is no exception. When we got the first load of these patterns in we all had about ten minutes where we just flicked through them all and fantasised about adding even more new projects to our list. There's also a CROCHET PATTERN, which is basically unheard of when it comes to mainstream pattern suppliers. Nice.

So, here's what I love the most - 

5843 is a gorgeous wiggly wavy shawl pattern that brings me so much joy to look at. I think it's just how airy it looks, and how many shades of this yarn the designer's used. 5844 is a classic crochet triangle shawl pattern with a rectangular wrap on the back (pictured above and in the featured blog photo). Again, it's going to be so airy but I just love seeing new crochet patterns come out. When you buy them, it lets King Cole know that they need to be making more of them!

The top in the blog photo is 5744 - a tie-strap tank top and a gorgeous matching round necked cardigan. These are perfect for cloudy but warm summer days, when you're not sure how to keep cool or keep warm!

There's also a couple of kids patterns - the laciness of 5751 is absolutely gorgeous and any kid in your life is going to adore it. Of course, you can modify that lace pattern to suit your garments, too!

The other patterns in the collection are gorgeous too, with some truly lovely cabling and lacing and texture-ing and... ugh, it's lovely. The stitch definition means anything made in this yarn is going to look BEAU-TI-FUL.

Check out the collection we've made for this yarn here, where you can find the yarn and all of the Cottonsmooth patterns we stock!

Have a wooooonderful day, my fibre-y friends.

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