Darling Drifter DK (and Drifter for Baby DK!)

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Drifter, Drifter, Drifter... You'll hear that word mentioned a million times in the shop, and it's for a good reason. King Cole's Drifter range is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, in the shop. Ranging from 4ply to Chunky in so many different shades, it's a massive success.

Today, though, I want to show you what is easily the star of the show here. I present to you, Drifter DK and Drifter for Baby DK.

I wish you could reach through the screen and squish this yarn. It's heavenly soft.

(I'm including both Drifter DK and Drifter for Baby DK together and will be referring to them as Drifter DK throughout, because they are literally the exact same yarn just with different colourways.)

Here's the basic info - the Drifter DK is 69% Premium Acrylic, 25%Cotton and 6% Wool. This mix creates a fabric unlike one you're going to have felt before, as it's the perfect combination of softness with sturdiness, and drape with structure. At 328 yards a ball (300m), this also boasts a brilliant value for money with just how much you can get out of it. 

As I said, the Drifter DK and the Drifter for Baby DK are exactly the same, just focusing on different colour groups. The Drifter DK tones are more muted and earthy, whereas the Drifter for Baby DK come in some incredibly bright colours (see that purple above?). Not only that, but of course this yarn is variegated and self striping. You get a good range of colours in each shade that marl together beautifully without clashing, despite how opposite they can be. You can even hold two different shades together and they wouldn't clash - go crazy with this stuff, honestly!

Because it's such a popular yarn, it's got a massive range of patterns written just for it, from baby knits to adult wear to some really gorgeous accessories.

I'd first really like to show you this pattern, number 5304. We all worry about whether our gorgeous lace patterns are going to get lost in multicoloured yarn. This is the perfect pattern to quell your worries - the yarn and lace complement each other so well, don't you think? It's not just lace we worry about though - the gorgeous cardigan and waistcoat in pattern 4799 prove that even cables look gorgeous in Drifter DK.

Adults don't just get all of the fun! I love the texture in these kids jumpers from pattern 4453, but you even get a taste of how luscious accessories can look in Drifter DK with this pattern. And, here's a great example of how bright the Drifter for Baby DK can look with lace and gorgeous texture all around.

Just imagine any of those adult patterns in some of these super bright shades! I love earthy tones but I have a big soft spot for rainbow brights (as you've probably seen if you've met me in the shop!).

Honestly, I think all of us could ramble about Drifter for days, but I'm going to need to stop now as this is getting a bit long! 

Make sure you check out the Drifter DK and Drifter for Baby DK collection here, where you'll find every pattern written for this yarn.  Also, if you search Drifter or Drifter for Baby DK in the search bar, you'll find some patterns that may not have been written for it but absolutely will look brilliant in it!

Have a great day, everyone!

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