Do Androids Dream of Majestic (DK) Sheep?

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(I am so sorry about the Philip K. Dick pun. I really am. Please read the rest of the blog, I'll make up for it, I swear...)

King Cole's Majestic DK is not an easy yarn to write about. Not because its a bad yarn, not by any stretch of the imagination. Just because it's absolutely lush and I'm not sure I can write something that truly captures its lushness. 

This is probably one of the fancier staples in our shop. With a composition of 50% superwash wool, 30% acrylic and 20% polyamide in each 50g ball, it's smooth and soft and irresistible. That high wool content still has the durability you need to machine wash it, so not only is it fancy, you (or your family members...) won't ruin it in the washing machine either!

There's an abundance of shades for this one, contributing to its forever-place on our shelves. I'm a big fan of Heather and Peacock, especially when you put them together. King Cole describe the shade range as 'vintage', which I can definitely see with the kind of dusty pinks and purples here. But, alongside those dusty roses, there's also vibrant pinks and blues and a nice sunshine-y yellow. Basically, colours for every project under the sun. 

And, of course, when you've got such a beautiful yarn, you're going to need some beautiful patterns to make with it, right? As always, King Cole haven't disappointed. 

Starting off with something out of left field, have you ever looked at sock knitting and felt completely put off by having to use circular needles or even double points? Well, pattern 5485 is for you. This sock has been written for Majestic DK and all of the six types of socks are KNITTED FLAT! These will be great for beginners and will be super warm for the winter, too. 

I love the unique construction of the cardigans of 4929. Eleanor has written in the description that this is, instead of a cardigan, it's a cardig-aren't, which I think is very apt. Both a jumper and a cardigan at the same time, this is going to add a bit of intrigue to your knitted wardrobe.

Not to leave the kids out, have you seen these super-cute ponchos? While 4928 is written with a bobble-stitch heart motif on the front of each poncho, you could leave these plain or add any kind of image you want to it - it won't be difficult. I can just imagine being a kid snuggling up in my poncho by a campfire at night. Super soft, super gorgeous.

And, of course, something for the men (though lets be real, anyone would wear these jumpers and adore them). Flowing cables and a raglan construction make 4926 a true wardrobe staple, classic and irrestistible. If you aren't up to making anything for your friends/family, don't show them this pattern! Everyone will want one.

So, here's a collection I've made for Majestic DK. I think we've established that you need this yarn in your life so we're very happy to help you add some to your stash. If you're looking at a pattern you already have and wondering if Majestic DK would be the right yarn for it, give us a call, email us or pop into the shop and we'll be happy to help you with any substitutions you want to make. We really love this yarn and we're hoping you do too!

Enjoy your day!!

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