Go WILD for Safari Chunky!

Posted by Casper Alixander on

It's here! It's happening! We have a new chunky yarn coming our way and we are SO EXCITED. 

Safari Chunky is King Cole's latest offering to the variegated knitting deities of our craft. 150g and 311 yards of soft premium acrylic, all in a cake that shows off the yarn but also makes it perfect for storage. This isn't just your bog-standard stripey yarn though - the black details look like animal stripes, but are subtle enough that they don't overpower the yarn. The multicoloured stripes really shine through, though, and there are some LUSH shades here, right?

This is my personal favourite shade, Mirage (5002), with a sweet pastel rainbow giving contrast to those gorgeous stripes. The Lagoon (5006) is also a super saturated offering of blues and greens, but for neutrals there's Elephant (5000) with its gentle greyscale monochrome tones.

And, of course, when there's a new yarn there's new patterns... and these patterns are absolutely brilliant. I'm loving the style of the kid in 5932 - they look very 80s yet very fashionable. The little animal ears on the top of the hood are just the sweetest touch for this kind of yarn! Easy knit, drop shoulder, and a very happy child. 

5930 is also very fashionable for the modern knitter and there are a million ways of styling these kind of colours and stripes, whether it's the statement piece of your outfit or if you're just a walking rainbow. Of course, making it in the Elephant colourway or perhaps the Wilderness is going to bring down the brightness of it and help it mesh into your existing wardrobe. 

The full stock of patterns is now available right here!

There's a lot you can do with this yarn, without actually having to put in the work to create those gorgeous colour changes yourself. The black stripes are just so clever and I'm interested to see how they work in crocheted items, too, because I'm definitely going to be attempting that!

Anyway, keep an eye out, it's coming soon, and we can't wait. 

Have a great day!

-Casper x

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