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Posted by Casper Alixander on

Hiya! A short but sweet reminder for those of you signed up to our loyalty scheme or those who are planning to be signed up in the future - please use the same email address for everything!

If you sign up for our loyalty scheme in store you'll be asked for your email address. Then, you have the option to sign into our website so you can collect points from any online orders you make too. 

It's really important that you use the same email address for your online ordering and for your in store or over the phone checkouts, otherwise the points aren't going to connect with each other and you'll lose out on quite a few. 

Hope you're having a lovely bank holiday!

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  • Yes, I had the same issue. I still get the regular emails to my first address, but I couldn’t log in with it, though I know i used the correct password.

    Tasha on
  • Not sure if this is helpful. During lockdowns I tried logging into my account (password wouldn’t work) I assumed I forgot, so I requested a new one/reset. I received no email (checked junk ect and waited a day). But received nothing, so I used an alternative email address as I didn’t want to miss out on the workshop place I was trying to book. I rarely buy online, usually in person, so hasn’t massively affected me (points wise). It might have happened to others too. I didn’t mention it at the time as we all had bigger issues to deal with.

    Steph on

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