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We've done it. It's finally in. Our shelves are blessed with the gorgeous Opal Pretty 4ply after waiting literal months. We are so ready. 

Opal make absolutely brilliant sock yarns. We consistently stock the solid version, Opal Uni 4ply, which has every single colour under the sun in its range. From neutrals to neons, this is an absolute staple. 

They also make the beautiful self striping versions, which we always try to get on the website but it sells out before we have the chance. We're going to do better with it, we promise...

But now, they've released the Opal Pretty 4ply. It's the same durable fibre mix of wool and nylon, with a metallic thread running through it to give it an absolutely gorgeous sparkle. Not only that, but these six shades are an absolute dream?! They're all named rather attractively; literally. We've got Wonderful, Pretty, Very Beautiful, Attractive, Fascinating, and Charming. Totally normal shade names, of course. 

We've got three bright rainbow-y shades, a green/purple mix (perfection), a red and blue mix, and a multitude of blues. And they're all going to make VERY good socks. 

There's not much more I can say about these, except, oh my god, they're amazing, get them, get them now, you know you want to.

That is all. :)

Love Casperrrrr xx

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