Knitting Ain't Just For Winter

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Yep, we're in the middle of a heatwave, we are melting, it's awful and there's nothing I'd like more than to just be sat in front of a massive fan right now covered in ice cubes. HOWEVER, does that mean I'm not thinking about knitting right now? Nope. Because knitting is absolutely not just for the colder months - see the featured photo with the Cottonsoft and our best friend at the moment, the Nice Cold Fan? Sit in front of that, pick up some lovely soft summer yarn, and knit yourself through this nightmare heat.

We've got TWO whole folders of patterns that are absolutely perfect for summer and I'm really excited to share a cute little selection with you today! These are modern and look like they're straight off a designer rack, and half of them I'm either planning to make or making already. 

First up, I'm sharing 4770 with you, modeled above by our own Emma - this is definitely a Knit Nottingham favourite because it's easy knit and yet looks so complicated and chic. The triangle hemline is obviously the star of the show here and with two levels of shoulder-coverage, this definitely needs to be one of your staple summer wardrobe pieces. The gorgeous colour variation comes from the King Cole Cottonsoft Crush, but I really think this would look lush in two strands of Giza 4ply held together. 

5761 came into the shop a while ago, and it's been a hit ever since. These little crop tops have been really fashionable for a while, I keep seeing them everywhere, but to have a little matching cardigan with them too? Lush. On the back you have a longer tank top version, so if you ended up making all three of these pieces you've got a good amount of outfits already set. Make this in the Cottonsoft DK as it says to, or try the Finesse DK in the full rainbow of shades as Eleanor is planning to!

Tell me how I was meant to write about summer patterns without including the gorgeous open lacework mesh in 5716? I am such a massive fan of the slouchier version on the back, and using the Cotton Top DK yarn for it was a great choice. When I make it (after clearing through about 12 WIPs) I'm thinking of using the Vogue DK, actually, to give it even more depth that would still show through that mesh. This will keep you feeling light and breezy no matter what!

Another new pattern we've had in recently is this gorgeous button up top and cardi crochet combo in 5876. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the crossed trebles in this. It's always been one of my favourite stitches because it's so simple and yet looks so incredibly effective. But then, the mesh shoulders right in the middle of summer when we need them the most? King Cole have saved us this year. The cardigan on the back would be perfect for cooler summer days, too. It's written for the Finesse DK but with the stripey nature of the stitches perhaps the Cottonsoft Crush / Candy / Baby Crush take your fancy?

As I said earlier, we've got a lot of summer patterns in our folders and we also have a lot of cotton yarns in the shop, from pure cotton in 4ply and DK to blends from 4ply to chunky weight. Cotton is your best best for summer, but we also have a nice little stock of Rosarios4 Alfama 4ply, which is a gorgeously lightweight linen yarn.

Check them out using the search bar or pop in and see us - we love to help you plan your next project, and even more so when we can see the perfect summer make taking shape before our eyes. 

What are you planning on, or already making, during this heatwave?

Stay hydrated everyone!

- C x

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