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The next yarn we're taking a look at in the shop is a really positive one, and that will make sense in a moment. There's always a need to stock and support eco-conscious yarns, especially in this day and age. The climate crisis is on all of our minds, and it really can permeate into every choice we make, whether we want it to or not. Luckily, you don't have to look too far if you'd like an eco-friendly yarn that doesn't break the bank. 

King Cole's Big Value Limited Edition DK is made of 100% recycled acrylic fibers. All of the yarn left over from making acrylic yarns like the Pricewise would usually just be binned and end up in landfill or even the oceans, but King Cole are doing their bit by reprocessing it all into this gorgeously heathered yarn. It's remarkably soft, with a great yardage of 308yds per 100g ball. The stock we have in the shop right now is the last stock we have of it, hence the Limited Edition name, but we still have a fantastic range of shades here. 

I absolutely love the Denim colourway of this yarn, as it's got massive depth to the colours. The Merlot is also up there, as it shows off the heathering of this yarn the best. These gentle shades are true classics, so if you make something with this yarn it will more than likely go with the rest of your wardrobe. 

There aren't actually any patterns released for this yarn in particular, because it is limited edition (how many times am I going to say that phrase in this blog post, do you think? Cast your bets now). However, I am here with the website and a (hopefully) good eye for fashion, so here's what I think you should use this yarn for. 

Right off the bat I'm going for something a bit different to usual. The Little Book of Cardigans pattern book for babies has a lot of gorgeous, classic cardigans ranging from preemie to 2 year old sizes. I'm suggesting this because I'm imagining the cardigan on the front using the Denim as the main colour and the Duck Egg shade for the trim around the edge. Cute, right?

For pattern leaflets, I'm starting with 4683, a gorgeous blend of lacework and fair-isle for a set of truly lovely garments. Because all of the shades of Limited Edition go so well together, you won't have trouble picking out the colours for the fair-isle, and you'll be really pleased with how it works up. 

Pattern 5229 is proof that you don't have to do complex cables or lace to make a garment brilliant. These easy-knit men's vests will look great in any shade of the Limited Edition - dress your man, or yourself, up in Merlot, and watch their wardrobe transform. It's really only stocking stitch and ribbing so you'll have no problem making this up.

I think 5829 is probably my favourite beanie pattern we stock, mainly the front cover pattern but also the honeycomb stitch on the back side. The shades of Limited Edition are going to make these so autumnal and classy, and the chunky squares of the front cover hat just make me so happy! I'm definitely going to knit this up this Autumn. 

It's hard to recommend patterns for this yarn because there are just so many that are going to work for this. You could substitute it for pretty much any acrylic DK and it would look absolutely stellar. Just remember that we aren't getting any more of this yarn in stock, so buy what you need!

Love C x

(By the way, I said "Limited Edition" six times including in the title. Did you guess correctly? Although, technically, I guess it's seven now because of this little bit. Oops!)

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