Notify Me! - What to Do When Things Are Out Of Stock

Posted by Casper Alixander on

Gooood day! Casper here. 

We've all been there - hyping ourselves up to buy something, debit card at the ready, you go to pop it in your basket, you're envisioning the gorgeous things you're about to make... aaaaand it's out of stock.

Worry not.

When a product is out of stock on our store we've probably already ordered it in, or we're about to order it in. That's why we've added a little button where the 'Add to Order' button would usually be that says Notify Me!

Clicking the Notify Me button will allow you to add your email, and once we've updated the stock it will automatically email you and let you know. This doesn't sign you up to our mailing list and we don't send spam - it's literally just so you can be notified when we've got that item back in stock. It works exactly the same on mobile devices, too.

Once you've gotten that email, just follow the links through and add that gorgeous ball of yarn you've been waiting for to your basket!

Hope that helps and have a lovely day, everyone.

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