Oh My Opal

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Afternoon all! Just a quick one today.

We've got new Opal sock yarn in, and you know what happens when we get new stock in... This is going FAST, and we aren't surprised. 

We usually get a random lot of yarn when we order it - we literally just ask them to send whatever they want, because there's absolutely no chance of Opal ever bringing out a subpar shade in their sock yarns. We love this stuff. Our party on Saturday sold about half of what we'd ordered in, and it only came in on Friday!

This range of yarn is called Opal Holidays, and it's all named after holiday themed things. Eleanor's favourite one is Old-Timer Tour, because it's cute and she loves coach trips and old people. I bought the Barefoot Path, which is unfortunately all gone now because I got the best one and I have amazing taste. However, look at the rest of them!

We had a right ball trying to translate these names. I like Klippenspringen, personally. 

Click here to see this new range, or click here to see the sock knitting collection I've made! 


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