Some Price News About Pricewise DK

Posted by Casper Alixander on

It's happening. 

We've put it off for literal months now. Pricewise DK started at £1.75 in this shop 12 years ago, and in that time has only gone up by 25p. It's our perfect, standard, acrylic yarn... and now it costs more to buy. 

So after much umm-ing and aah-ing, and checking other sites, we've got to put the price up. 

DON'T FRET! It's only going up by another 25p. So it will be 50p in 12 years. That's still pretty good going.

But, yes, Pricewise DK will now be £2.25.

HOWEVER! These changes are not happening just yet! We're sad about this, so we're giving you until February 1st to stock up on Pricewise DK at its current price, £2 per 100g. 

If you can't see a colour in stock that you're after on the website, ring us or email us and we'll sort an order out. Any orders of it made before February 1st, even if you don't receive it or pay for it until after February 1st, will be honoured at £2 a ball.

So, it's time to stock up on everyone's favourite workhorse acrylic, but even then if you miss out, 25p ain't bad, hey?

(Also, I swear we'll do more blog posts soon. It's been one hectic winter. How are you all doing? We love you. Thank you for supporting us through a crazy season!)

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