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Just a quick one today - it's been a while since we've spoken about the saves process we have in the shop so here's a little refresher.

We can hold yarn until you're ready to purchase it! There are so many reasons you might really, really want a yarn and yet you're not sure whether you can get it right now. It might be that we've had to order it in and we need to keep it aside for you. It might be that you've bought five balls for a project that, when we've done the maths, says it would need five and a fifth balls and you're not sure if you'll need that sixth. It might be that you've seen something you like but payday is a few days away. You might need a super-specific dye lot. Or, you just might not be sure just yet and you're popping back to figure something out!

Literally whatever reason you have for needing to keep some stuff behind, we do this. When we've had to order stuff in we'll remind you of the process but basically, we hold what you're after for two weeks as standard. We put it in the box with your name on it and the date and it's untouchable until two weeks have passed. 

Then, there are two options. You can either let us know that you need a bit more time, in which case we can extend the date a bit further (please don't ask us to hold it for like 2 years, though, thank you kindly). Or, you can let us know that you don't need it anymore, and then we'll put it back on the shelf!

A lot of the time we don't get notified that you don't need something anymore, which is totally fine, but it does mean that if you DO need it and haven't told us, it'll be back out on the shelf at the end of that two weeks. 

It's really simple but a lot of people didn't realise we do this. It just helps take the pressure off of you a bit and can stop you from buying way more yarn than you actually need for a project. Just let us know if you need it!

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