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I feel like all my posts and emails lately have at least started with some sort of apology or explanation as to why I haven't been here and I hate that for me. The business bitch in me says I don't need to explain anything, but the human in me suspects that other people might be feeling the same? I've got two-ish posts in my mind but I can't seem to get them out until I say how weird it is to be here and that I miss you all but also I just don't have the desire to vlog or blog or mailing list in the way that I used to. A certain amount has got to be done for the shop of course, Casper mostly covers that, we should do more I know but a level is being kept up but somehow I've lost the desire to connect from me to you through these channels. 

I can't work out why really. I still want to connect. I still love doing it in the shop and over the phone and those channels have been really busy so of course other stuff takes a back seat but somehow, a vlog always got done, until the pandemic. Isn't it funny how things have shifted? Like a lot of people I re-evaluated the way I'm living my life in the pandemic. I started to value my time off much more. In many ways this shop is all about helping you lot value your free time and spend it wisely, with creativity and sparkiness and somehow, I never saw that I needed that as well. I saw to do lists as long as my arm - I still do - but the to do lists are never going to get done are they? Let's be honest. And if they did get done, I'd add more stuff on anwway. I just know you can all relate to that. 

I see waves in myself over the years - I'll stretch myself, speak to people, get involved in movements and clubs and activism and then I'll retreat and concentrate on me and my physical shop. This retreat is normal it just seems to have lasted a long time. Is this the new me? Things do seem a little less frantic now I'm medicated. Bursts of stress of course, and upset, but less of the frantic scurrying around trying to get stuff done. Mostly a desire to slow down and be in my shop fannying about with my people. Put into place actual boundaries based on the things I truly need and want. This is all great stuff. 

I'm trying to notice the seasons a bit more too and this isn't the season for exploding out into the world, this is still the season for cosying at home - yarn crafts, fabric crafts, books, cleaning, sorting, homing. Early spring festivals are cropping up here and there - I'll be doing something for Imbolc today I think. 

So, with no great understanding reached, I end my blog. I have posted and maybe now I can write the other two that have been swirling in my head. I know I'll be back, I just don't know when and until then you'll find me cropping up here, there and everywhere on social media but always fannying about in the shop. 

Love Eleanor. xxx

P.s. I don't think it actually shows up on the post but the thumbnail thingy I chose for this post is the new colour of the Forest Aran - Galloway Forest. It's a beautiful cream base with flecks of pinks and blues, really fresh and a bit crispy. Perfect for the time of year. You can find it here by clicking here.

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