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I remember a time, well before the pandemic so I can't really blame that (but I will ;) ), when social media felt easy and simple. 

There was Facebook and there was the blog and when I post a blog I talked about it on Facebook and people read it. Then I got into the vlog and I did much the same but then Facebook wanted us to put videos on there so they stopped promoting the Youtube videos but I still did them and people still found them. Then Instagram came and I fell in love with that, especially when they introduced stories and I found I could share bits of my personal life or views on there and keep the grid relatively shoppy but now Instagram seems to be going away like Facebook did and there's TikTok which I haven't yet really got into as a viewer never mind a creator. There's always been Twitter but that's far too short-winded for me and now... too aggressive and sarcastic? I know there are sweet parts of it too but I just mainly used it to bother the council before they were other places. 

And now we're told, because social media is changing and also everybody's leaving or taking a break that we need to be building up our mailing lists (sign up at the bottom of every webpage) and our websites and Pinterest (which isn't really social media but a search engine - who knew!?) so that we're not reliant on social media but all of this needs a very different tack and just once you've got your groove they'll swap things up again...

I'm not complaining, honestly I'm not. Despite being very clueless on most of these platforms for most of the time that I've been using them, somehow I've done okay and I always think it's because we've got something behind us. We actually have something of substance here - real physical items in a real physical shop - so there's always something to talk about but also, if I've got nothing to post anywhere then I have stuff to do and maybe doing that stuff will encourage me to post somewhere. I genuinely feel sorry for the influencers and people whose brands are entirely online and also entirely themselves because what happens when you feel tired of yourself or depressed or ill or you're going through something that doesn't need to be shared? It all feels a bit backwards and up and down and round and round to me but here we are.

I do believe I'm getting old. ;) 

This isn't the post I thought I was writing but I love showing you the background of running a shop so I'm going to get it uploaded and then I'll write what I came to write to post another day. 

Love Eleanor. xxx 

P.s. if you're wondering about the picture of the Cat, well, social media requires a photo and she looks how I feel every time there's an update to what I ought to be doing. 

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