Soft as a Cloud (Cumulus Lace)

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You wanted it, we got it. We've been asked for mohair-esque yarns in the shop for quite a while now, because many people are now discovering the joys of holding it double with a standard yarn. Doing so gives anything you make a bit of fluff and floof and fancy. It took a while for us to find the right yarn, but we've got it now and it's not even mohair.

On the left is a stack of fuzzy yarn in all different colours. On the right is a pattern book with flowers on the front that says "The Cumulus Collection". The background is green tiles.

Fyberspates Cumulus is a gorgeous alternative to mohair. Its lace-weight core and super-soft halo is 74% Baby Suri Alpaca, and 26% Mulberry Silk. Fancy, right? And yet, more affordable and softer than mohair and other alternatives. This stuff is absolutely gorgeous. 25g and 150 metres of pure happiness.

Everyone who has picked up a ball of this in the past few days has instantly started stroking it and marvelling at its beauty. It LITERALLY feels like heaven. I can't get enough of it. The core is made of the silk, and the halo is the magical alpaca at work.

Seriously, the shades they've made this yarn in are actually amazing. For starters there's a BRIGHT GREEN AND A BRIGHT PINK. Oh my god, they've made it just for me. But, really, we've got nine shades of this yarn in at the moment and at our birthday party on Saturday everyone was having a right ball mixing and matching yarns in the shop with all these different shades. 

A stack of four yarn balls with a label around them, with the word "Cumulus" on it. The yarn looks light and airy. From the bottom up there is a purple ball, a pink ball, a brown ball and finally a green ball.

Now, we haven't had individual patterns come in with this yarn like usual, but what we do have is a gorgeous pattern book of 5 projects using Cumulus, sometimes held double with other yarns. They all recommend other Fyberspates yarns but we've got many a yarn that will work as a stunning alternative. 

In this little pattern book are fingerless gloves, a beanie hat, a short sleeved tshirt with endless customizability, a wrap and a lace shawl. They all look absolutely stunning and we really can't wait to see what you make. I'm tempted by the beanie, right now, perfect for autumnal days. But, a whole t-shirt made out of this yarn...? I'd never take it off. It's so soft...

A photo of two beanie hats in pale gradients with a sprig of lavender lying on their left side.

We're also more than happy to recommend patterns from our folders that would look great with this. Eleanor's decided on a chunky-weight dress with a bit of a flare, holding one strand of the Cumulus with aran weight yarn to make chunky.

I don't actually think I have the words to describe this yarn, so I guess you'll just have to try it for yourself, right? Check out the yarn here, and the pattern book here, and let us know how you get on with it!


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