The Yarn That Does 90% Of The Work For You

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We love Fjord DK in the shop. This gorgeous offering from King Cole was actually meant to be a one off in the shop, but the People's Friend magazine had a pattern inside that called for Fjord DK and therefore, everyone wanted it. We stocked it for that, and then somehow it's convinced us to have a permanent place on our shelves. We definitely aren't complaining, though.

Fjord DK is a really unique yarn in the sense that instead of the usual self striping yarn, it's a totally faux-isle yarn. This yarn, when knitted up, looks like you have done some really complicated and truly lovely traditional fair isle, and you don't have to change colours at all. You just get to have fun knitting and watch the colours come to life. 

It's a 100% anti-pilling acrylic yarn, so you absolutely have the longevity you need out of this, with 250m per 100g ball. Honestly, it's a really balanced and brilliant option if you're looking for an easy knit that works up fantastically. I think my favourite shade here is actually the new one, Bok (which incidentally means book in Norwegian). It's got that lovely contrast between yellow and blue, but I also reaaaally love the Bindal. 

Here's a swatch of Bok that shows you just how funky this yarn knits up:- 

And, of course, you know the drill by now. With such a funky yarn, you're going to get some seriously funky patterns. Fjord DK literally suits every single knitting opportunity you're looking for, and the patterns written for it really make the most of its nature.

5899 is a new one, and it's a bloomin' lovely pattern. A jumper with nice thick ribbing, a cardi with cables that somehow don't get lost in that faux-isle, a hat AND a scarf. It's the perfect pattern for winter, or if you're terminally cold like me and Katie.

5698 is styled in a way reminiscent of an air hostess or perhaps a ski-slope receptionist, but that is absolutely a compliment. I LOVE that waistcoat, especially how the faux-isle parts have managed to line up perfectly. It's super modern and yet so classic at the same time.

I'm also loving the little pom pom hat and the cute puff sleeves of this baby set in 5898. When you're knitting for a baby, they're going to grow out of it quick, so unless it's an heirloom item you're not really looking for something that's going to take you a million years to do.  So, this is the perfect compromise - looks fancy, doesn't take as much effort as you'd think! And, have you SEEN the back cover?!


There is honestly nothing that this yarn can't do. You're going to have a lot of fun using this yarn, and I really hope that you love it as much as we do here. I've made a collection here that gives you everything Fjord-y in one useful place, so check it out for some inspiration! 

Have a great, sunny Friday, everyone.

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