Things are Happening?!

Posted by Casper Alixander on

Oh yes, you may think we've only been concentrating on Festiveposting but there are some truly exciting things in the works here at Knit Nottingham.

First off... what do you think these photos mean? Maybe something is... coming?

In the near future?

Maybe you should keep an eye out for something perfect for autumn...? 


Maybe. Who knows? Not us. Definitely not. 

Anyway, at the same time as something happening, we're also planning the shop birthday party! Saturday the 3rd of September is when we shall be celebrating the shop's twelfth birthday, and it's gonna be a big one! Come along any time after 10:30am and sit and knit and party with us, and MAYBE... this new Thing that is Happening or at least Existing will be there too!

Here's the event listing on Facebook for the birthday party. 

We do hope to see you there, but if you can't, pop into the shop sometime in the next few weeks. We love to see everyone!

-Casper xx

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