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Again. Because it's that time of year, the shop's birthday, and this time we're moving into the moody teenager years. Thirteen years old and ready to slam the door shut to our rooms and listen to sad goth music because no one understands us. Or was that just me?...

ANYWAY, our parties are legendary and we usually hold one or two a year. We sit in the upstairs of the shop, and more often than not everyone brings a craft project or two, some snacks and some either sensible or boozy drinks. It's totally up to you what you bring, how long you stay for and how you spend the day, but you're all welcome. We'll have a couple of quiet spaces available if you need it but you'll often find yourself swept up in the festivities.

When Eleanor and I are busy serving at the till, you'll find yourself chatting to our lovely party-goers, giving you a real sense of community. I feel like a lot of that has been lost in recent years for obvious reasons, but this is as much a celebration as it is a promise that you're not alone. Everyone leaves with a new friend or two - it's genuinely lovely. 

We're mainly celebrating you guys, anyway, not just the shop, because without you we wouldn't be here. We've had thirteen years of support from you lot and whether you've just joined our community recently, or if you've been here from the start, it's all down to you that we're still alive and kickin'. We're eternally grateful for that.

I'm wondering if there's going to be some more new stuff by the time of the party - I'm not sure, but I'll pick Eleanor's brains on it and see what we've got. We'll have all our favourite stuff front and centre, anyway.

So, the deetz! It's on Saturday the 2nd of September during our shop opening hours, 10:30am until 5pm-ish - Trinity Walk, NG1 2AN. Bring snacks, bring drinks, bring crafts, bring your gorgeous self. We can't wait to see you.

The Facebook event is here.

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