We're Having An (Emma) Ball!

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That's right kids, we've got new funky fresh Emma Ball stock in and we know a lot of you have been waiting for it. There's new stuff, and there's things that have been out of stock for yonks now, so shall we have a little Emma Ball roundup blog sesh today? Yes. We should. 

(Is my blogging getting slightly unhinged?)

Anyway. First up, oh my god, the tiny tins are back. Did you hear that? THE TINY TINS ARE BACK. Everyone who picks one of these up in the shop immediately squeals at how cute they are. When I first started working here my birthday came pretty sharpish after and Katie bought me the Highland Cow tiny tin. I treasure it. Now we've got budgies in beanies, kittens in mittens, and penguins in pullovers, all ready to store your tiny little notions. We've also got bigger oval tins and rectangular ones (there's one with a highland coo!). I keep my stitch markers in mine. 

Hey, speaking of stitch markers... Oh yes, baby. They're back. With lobster clip and ring variants, these are best sellers and they fly out of this shop. The designs have a whole barn's worth of animals to choose from. Sheep, cats, penguins, puffins, alpacas... All in funky knitwear, too! Plus, the markers are all metal and super strong. They won't snap if you snag them on something!

So, I store those stitch markers in my little tiny tin, but how do I decide what to use them with? What project? What yarn? What needles will I need etc?

Well, for the needles we've got some Straight Needle and Circular Needle canvas wraps, perfect for storing your whole needle stash, but what about the rest? Oh, there is so much planning involved in knitting...

Which brings me to our next wonderful product. I think I've flogged these to everyone I've encountered in this shop because it is legitimately the best product I've bought from here. And I buy a LOT from here. This is the Emma Ball Project Planner, and it quite literally has everything you need to organise your fibrecrafting life. There are;

  • A section for planning each project with all the notes you'll need
  • Grid paper for colourwork planning or just taking notes
  • A place to write down your needle and hook stash
  • Knitting and crochet abbreviations cheat sheets
  • Future project planning, pattern wishlist etc
  • A full stash tracker
  • Colour cards for multi-yarned projects
  • There's even a ruler printed on the inside cover so you can check your gauge!

All of this in a gorgeous ring-bound binder, and you can easily add your own pages in. God, it's good. Emma Ball also sells refills, and if you're not after a ring binder, we've got the Fibrecrafter's Notebooks back in stock for a more minimalist approach to planning.

Whilst making your super-organised project, have you thought about making yourself a nice relaxing cuppa in one of these super funky Emma Ball mugs? The boxes are super sturdy and will double as GREAT storage.

So, once you've stored your notions and you've planned your project and you've actually MADE your thing, if it's a garment you definitely need something to adorn it. If it's not a garment, come on, you need one of these anyway. How could you resist these lovely enamel pins with all of your favourite fibrecrafting Emma Ball animals on them? My favourite is the cat with his arms up; if he's just finished making those mittens, he's celebrating in the exact same way that I do!

So, there you have it. All of the Emma Ball goodies I've got to offer you at this time. We've got a collection of Emma Ball stuff here, and of course I've linked you to everything in this post.

We hope that something takes your fancy here because we adore this company. Recently they helped Eleanor out with getting an order together far quicker than she should have been allowed to, in a pretty sticky situation, and we're ever so grateful!

Thank you Emma Ball and thank you for reading! 

-C x

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